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OCC Utah Cleaning Services

Utah Post-Construction Cleaning

Construction projects generate an immense amount of dirt and debris. These gross particles can cover every surface and affect indoor air quality. Whether you had some minor remodeling done in your home or you're a contractor just finishing a new build, we recommend professional cleaning services to make sure the space is move-in ready.

After your construction project is done, we recommend that you change the air filters in your home to eliminate air contaminants and then let cleaning professionals handle the rest. We will clean all interior surfaces, wipe out drawers, thoroughly vacuum or mop floors, wipe down walls, windows, and baseboards, and clean ceiling fans, light fixtures, mirrors, doors, tile, and upholstery. We also clean windows, including scraping and etching removal.

Our obsessive-compulsive cleaners always keep in mind the safety and health of the people who will live in the space we're cleaning. We pay attention to every detail so that you can rest easy knowing that the room or building is completely ready for occupation. Get in touch with us today so that we can determine the best services for your post-construction cleaning project.

OCC Utah Cleaning Services

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